Imagine... All Your Investment and Banking Data in One Place.

Who likes having to log in to many accounts just to get a basic idea of how your portfolio is doing?  Not us.  MyStockData was created so our users can simply and securely log in to one place to see their overall value and keep a bird’s-eye view on their cash and investments.

Save Time

Track all of your account balances, transactions, and investments in one place.

Know Your Worth

Our Dashboard contains a simple chart displaying the daily balances across all of your accounts.

Track Your Dividends

Our reports make it easy to keep tabs on all of your total monthly dividend income.

Movers and Shakers

See Position Reports so you can quickly identify top winners and losers in your Portfolio.

Quickly and securely sign in to your accounts!

By signing in to your investment accounts through MyStockData, you’ll be able to view and track your financial data in one place.  No need to log in to multiple accounts again!


Peace of Mind

Safe and Secure

We work with Plaid, the most trusted digital finance platform, to securely connect your accounts. When you sign in to one of your investment or bank accounts through MyStockData, you simply allow us to pull account balances and transaction data. We then provide you useful information and charts based on that data. It in no way provides access to your actual account, saves your login information, or grants the ability to make any account changes or trades.

We take the security of your financial information very seriously and use industry-leading security measures to protect your data.

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Why Choose Us

Discover the benefits of choosing

We offer comprehensive investment tracking with user-friendly features, easy-to-understand data, and great analysis tools.

User-Friendly Platform

Our website is easy to use, navigate, and understand. Quickly and securely connect multiple investment accounts in one place. Categorize your accounts and investments to aid in recall, making it easier to keep track of your financial history.

Comprehensive Data and Charts

Holistic portfolio view: Get a complete overview of your portfolio across all linked accounts, with up-to-date market values. Comprehensive transaction reports: Track your investment transactions and gain valuable insights into your portfolio performance.

Analysis Tools

We offer a bevy of ways to analyze investments at various levels: overall, by account, by category, and by investment. Quickly view your profits/losses, return on investment, and estimated tax implications.

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