Position Charts – Show all trading positions ordered with highest gain positions first (closed positions are always at the bottom). NOTE: all cost/value/gain data for a given date comes directly from the bank.  For example, if you see a gain of $200 on 2023-09-01, that is how much you would gain (ie, be taxed on) if you sold on that date.  The dividend amounts however only show dividends based on the transactions the banks give us, which is anywhere from 3 months to 2 year worth from the time you link an account. Ex., you link on 2023-09-01 and they give us 1 year of dividend transactions.  Then it will show total dividends since 2022-09-01 (TIP: You can mouseover the dividend amount to see the start date). 

TIP: You can mouseover the symbol name to see a description, as well as mouseover most of the data points to see what that data point consists of.

OXY - Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Sector: Energy | Industry: Oil & Gas E&P

Gain: 690,194.56
Taxes: 103,829.07
Net Gain: 586,365.49
Dividends: 0.00
Net ROI (w/o divs): 354.95%
Net ROI (w/ divs): 354.95%
OXY - News


Sector: Energy | Industry: Oil & Gas Midstream

Gain: 343,533.53
Taxes: 51,530.03
Net Gain: 292,003.50
Dividends: 23,011.96
Net ROI (w/o divs): 221.54%
Net ROI (w/ divs): 239.00%