MyStockData provides a dose of investment data, analysis, and concepts to assist those taking an active role in their investments. Listen, you are probably not going to beat the market every year. And, for most of your money, an index fund is probably the best bet. But, if you are here, you obviously want to take a more active role.

MyStockData aims to provide a forum for our users to educate themselves about various investment strategies and concepts. We’ll look to explore questions and provide data on topics such as: What are the top dividend paying stocks right now? What metrics should you look at to determine if an investment is over or under valued? Also, we’ll make a concerted effort to listen to our users and provide them with data needed to answer specific questions that they have.

At the end of the day, it’s our mission to make complex investing data easily available and understandable to the average investor so they can make informed decisions.