Link Accounts

How to Link

Quickly Connect Your Accounts

The setup process involves linking investment and bank accounts, creating custom accounts, and then viewing and tracking assets and income via the dashboard.

Connect your investment accounts, such as 401k, Roth, brokerage, 529, IRA, SEP, annuity, and more. By linking them all, you can view and track your financial history in one place, even if they are with different financial institutions.

Link your bank accounts, including checking, savings, money market, CD, and more. Financial institutions treat these accounts differently from investment accounts, so they are linked separately. Once linked, you can manage and track everything as if they were all under one roof.

Set up custom accounts for assets that are not linked to any financial institution, such as your home's value or cash you have saved at home. Custom accounts are a catch-all for anything that cannot be linked in Step 1 and 2.